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Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound llc.

Empowering veterinarians to build their practice by offering in-depth ultrasound services comparable to human medicine

Mobile Ultrasound Services

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All inquiries call Kristin 810-965-4750
  • Reports generated immediately

  • Images stored on USB immediately

  • Intraoperative guidance and biopsy procedure capabilities

  • Cardiologist Consultation available; Telemedicine

Mobile Ultrasound Services



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Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound llc

Customer Comments:

Kristin Hart RDMS, RVT, RTR, owner/operator of Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC is a multi-boarded ultrasonographer.  She graduated from Henry Ford Hospital, human ultrasound and cross trained into veterinary ultrasound by board certified veterinary radiologists and various veterinary specialists of Michigan, Illinois, California and Texas.  In addition to 8 years dedicated ultrasound training, Kristin functioned in hospital administrative and teaching positions.


Kristin's unique set of credentials paired with over 25 years of level IV ultrasound elevates the standard of care we deliver in animal medicine today, giving her an edge in the field.  She has provided mobile veterinary ultrasound services since 2006.


Human doctors rely on boarded ultrasonographers to perform their diagnostic studies.  Pets are family members....give them the optimal care you would expect for yourself and your family.


Equipped with state of the art imaging tools, Kristin's precision has been proven in countless cases with a high level of clinical and surgical correlation. 


Kristin's studies have been AAHA approved through Veterinary Care Specialists, Milford, Michigan.

The culmination of Kristin's dedication, experience, and training in ultrasound is her service to our pets. As a surgeon I rely on ultrasound as an important diagnostic tool to decide if surgery is required in the treatment of a host of disease processes. Kristin reliably provides me with the information needed to develop a surgical or non-surgical plan for my patients. A skilled ultrasonographer provides veterinarians with a cost effective, noninvasive, nonpainful tool to see disease.

Our patients are not able to articulate in words the nuances of their health condition from day to day. Therefore, I employ ultrasound as a surgical screening tool in aging pets prior to major elective orthopedic procedures. This gives my clients the best possible outcome for their aging pet. I also feel that as part of annual examination geriatric pets should have ultrasound once or twice a year. This would allow us in many cases to detect a major disease process prior to the crisis. With thoughtful consideration Kristin provides me with a service I could not replicate or replace.

Dr. Jacqueline J Mair, DVM, DACVS-SA, MBA  Veterinary Care Specialists Milford, MI  248 684-0468   

Kristin has provided accurate, insightful ultrasound services to our practice for almost 10 years.   She is committed to an extremely high quality standard and conducts her work with professionalism and efficiency.  Our patients have benefited from her experience and I have total confidence in her abilities.


Dr. Tyler Hutchinson, DVM  Pet Authority Waterford, MI  248 673-1288   

I've known Kristin Hart for over 15 years.  It has always been easy to schedule appointments for her service, and she has always been on time and very professional.  She has always been courteous to our staff and has done a great job of her findings.  Above all Kristin is very accurate in her diagnoses.  We have found her to be a huge asset in our efforts to provide the best care for our patients. 


Dr. Paul Tremblay, DVM & Dr. Jessica R. Pascuzzo B.S. DVM.  Fenton Veterinary Clinic Fenton, MI  810 629-1564  

Kristin's expertise has greatly enhanced our patient care for over six years.  She is proficient, professional, efficient and a pleasure to partner with.  She strives to accommodate emergencies and the schedules of our clients whenever possible.  With the information I obtain from an abdominal ultrasound I am able to provide answers and a treatment plan much sooner and keep our patents in our practice.  I have had an exponential increase in patient ultrasounds since working with Kristin.  Clients feel much more comfortable knowing their pet is being cared for by the veterinary family they know and trust and whom they already have a close relationship with.

Dr. Cindy Houlihan, DVM  The Cat Practice Birmingham, MI  248 540-3390    

Kristin has provided her services at our hospital for over 8 years.  Her expertise has been a benefit to both our veterinary staff as well as our patients.  Having her provide ultrasound procedures at our hospital allows us to provide additional diagnostics on patients, increasing our quality of care.

Dr. Gloria Williams, DVM  Pets Ahoy  Macomb, MI  586 598-1900   

We have had the honor and priviledge of being able to offer Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound, LLC to our clients as a diagnostic option for the last 10 years.  As pets are considered family members, this results in greater expectations being placed on us, as veterinarians to diagnose their ailments.  This is where Kristin Hart's certifications and skills come in.  Just as our family doctors send us to a boarded Ultrasonographer for a reliable diagnostic study, (instead of performing ultrasound themselves), we call Kristin Hart, RDMS,RVT,RTR.  Kristin's mobile services allow us as veterinarians to operate at the same high level of expertise you would expect for such services performed on yourself!  


All too often through the years, we have had patients come to us for a 'second opinion' after an ultrasound was performed by someone not fully trained in the field and Kristin's services have provided us a different perspective as to an animal's medical concerns.


Caring for our pets like family means we need accurate answers to their medical problems.  Kristin serves as a link between our patients' history, exam, laboratory findings and an accurate diagnosis to formulate a treatment plan....all right within the convenience of our own clinic!  Kristin Hart, RDMS,RVT,RTR offers the assurance to your patients of accurate ultrasound while keeping the extra profits under the roof of your own veterinary hospital.


Dr. Michele Koan, DVM  Riverside Animal Hospital Flushing, MI  810 659-5692   



Appointments 810-965-4750

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Monday - Friday

Service HOURS
  • Veterinarians and staff call to schedule ultrasound in your facility.  

  • Pet owners please call a veterinarian with your pet's medical concerns.  I do not provide medical advice to pet owners or the general public.

Serving: Michigan, USA

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